Best Mediation is a member of the Oregon Mediation Association.

About Best Mediation


Hilary Best

Hilary Best holds an M.A. in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University. Her background includes 20 years experience interfacing with court services and serving as the Executive Director of Jackson County's community dispute resolution center. She has multiple certifications in basic, advanced and divorce mediation in both Oregon and California. Ms. Best has experience as a Mediation Trainer; developing Jackson County's mediation training sanctioned by the Oregon Department of Justice. She has trained hundreds of community members in the art of mediation, including many attorneys.  A highly experienced Mediator, she also has several years experience as Child Advocate, Classroom Teacher, and Parent Educator and is skilled in Marshall Rosenberg's non-violent communication techniques. She has been practicing mediation since 2000.

BEST MEDIATION specializes in Relational Mediation. Our practice is devoted to Family and Divorce Mediation. 
We often hear from people that the only reason they come to mediation is that the alternative is so much more painful. Understandable. We believe in the power of mediation, at its highest level, to facilitate emotional healing, individual growth and transformation. Our greatest growth often comes through our greatest challenges. The Chinese character for conflict is represented by two symbols, joining together the concept of "crisis" with the symbol for "opportunity." Mediation can unfold the opportunity or gifts always present in times of conflict.

Ashleigh Adams

Ashleigh Adams holds B.A. from Lewis and Clark College. With more than 15 years experience as a Mediator, Ms. Adams began her mediation career creating, developing and managing Jackson County's Family Mediation Program.  She also coordinated and facilitated the Victim-Offender Mediation Program with juveniles through the Jackson County Community Justice Program. A Communication Specialist, Ms. Adams is a highly experienced Mediator and Trainer.

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